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Veneer thickness control for veneer lathe

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The rotary cutting machine is set according to the thickness of 1-2 millimetres before leaving the factory. If we want to change the thickness of veneer, we should first adjust the pressure of the veneer lathe. If you do not adjust well, you can contact us, we will come to serve you.
Use a triangle ruler (500 * 250mm) to lean against the upper and inner sides of the twin-roll of the rotary cutting machine, and use a 150 mm ruler against the upper side of the single-roll to observe the value of the joint between the lower edge of the triangle ruler and the straight ruler. When the thickness of the leather is 1-2 mm, take 35 mm-36 mm. If the thickness of the leather is less than 1 mm, the reading value will be increased accordingly, such as the thickness of the leather is greater than 2 mm. When the.0 millimeter is above, the reading value decreases correspondingly. If the pressure of the rotary cutting machine is to be increased, the gaskets should be added to the single box on both sides and between the shoulders of the knife base respectively; when the pressure is reduced, the gaskets can be reduced.