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When the thickness of the bark of the rotary cutting machine is uneven, it should be checked at all

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The peeling machine is the main equipment to produce plywood. The peeling made by the peeling machine can be used to make furniture. However, the peeling thickness of the peeling machine is sometimes uneven, which affects the quality of the board. Then the veneer thickness of rotary lathe should be checked when uneven thickness.
1. Measure whether the size of the two ends of the wood core is the same, if the same is caused by the blade gap of the rotary knife is not consistent. The thickness of the blade is slightly higher than that of the actual blade, which is 0.2mm less than the actual thickness. If it is the tail plate roll will be slightly lower knife height, also with the actual requirement thickness difference of 0.2 mm can be.
2, we need to see if the door is too big or too small.
3, the reason is the knife bed, uneven feed.
4. We are checking whether the single stick is concentric. We can observe whether the clearance between the single roller and the knife has changed again during the operation of the machine. Under normal circumstances, we can not see any changes.
Above is the peel thickness of the peeling machine should be checked when uneven, so when we use peeling machine peeling plate encountered this situation need not worry, do not blindly repair the machine. The above several aspects can be checked to see if it is caused by the above several aspects of the uneven thickness of the plate.