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How does noise come from the use of card rotary lathe?

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Sliced rotary cutting machine is the main equipment for the production of plywood, widely used in the wood industry, and most machinery, long-term use will inevitably have small problems, as in the operation of the operation will have a lot of noise, which is more annoying. Next, let me introduce to you why there is noise in the operation of the card lathe.
1. One of the problems that occur easily in the jammed rotary cutting machine is the noise of the bearing in the continuous heating and bearing position. The reason for this problem must be found out, motor rotor and wood flour machine rotor are not aligned, will make the bearing bear additional load impact, resulting in overheating of the bearing, resulting in continuous heating of the bearing in a very loud noise.
2, ring mold blocking, or only part of the die hole discharge. When foreign bodies enter the ring mold, the ring mold loses circle, the gap between the roller and the die is too tight, the roller wear or the roller bearing damage can not rotate, mechanical vibration will occur (check or replace the ring mold, adjust the gap between the roller).
3. Coupling correction imbalance, high and low left and right deviation, mechanical vibration, and gear shaft oil seal are easy to damage (coupling must be adjusted to the horizontal line).
4. If the spindle is not tightened, the loosening of the spindle will produce axial front and back movement, and the rollers oscillate obviously, and the mechanical noise will vibrate greatly. It is difficult to work (it is necessary to tighten the butterfly spring and round nut at the tail of the spindle).
Don't take the small problems in the operation of the rotary cutting machine for granted. Sometimes it will directly affect the normal operation of the rotary cutting machine equipment. Therefore, in order to ensure the efficiency of the rotary cutting machine, we must pay attention to check before use, pay more attention to the maintenance of daily life.