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5 notices for maintenance of rotary cutting machine

Print  Add time:2018-08-14 10:07:51 Click:1331
Everyone knows that the rotary cutting machine will cause wear and tear of some parts in the long-term working conditions, which will lead to inefficient work, so we should take proper maintenance of it when it is not working, but not only for maintenance, but also for attention:
1. Read the product instructions carefully before using, understand the function and use method of the rotary cutting machine in an all-round way, then install and debug.
2. Before starting the rotary cutting machine, each part should be carefully inspected. All fasteners should be in a reliable locking state. There is no block in the rotating parts.
3. The hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical control in the rotary lathe should be strictly operated according to the instructions.
4, the lathe can not stand between the two knife carrier rolls.
5. The lubricating parts of the rotary cutting machine should be regularly filled with lubricating oil. Except for the servo motor box, the other gearboxes should be filled with lubricating grease.
To sum up, the operator of the rotary cutting machine stone should read the instructions carefully and understand the installation, adjustment and use of the rear. If the position of the rear limit switch changes due to other reasons, please readjust the position of the photoelectric switch according to the dimension on the machine tool data board.