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The most common problem of rotary cutting machines

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In the process of automatic numerical control, sometimes some failures are inevitable, but they should be discovered and solved in time.
If the power indicator light is on, the motor cannot be started because the power supply is not connected with the main control line. The solution is to check the power supply and control line and the total stop button. If the rotary cutter when the rotary cutting automatic feed, when into when stop, because virtual connect feed circuit or electromagnetic clutch slippage, rotary cutter is too high, this solution is to overhaul feed line is empty; Clean the clutch with gasoline or diesel oil and adjust the knife height. If the plate is thick and thin, because the knife is low or the knife is too small, need to refer to the adjustment knife drawing, adjust the knife height and the knife seam.
If slab connection, the reason is inconsistent, spiral cutter knife slit cooperate with feed hanging wheel is not good, and the solution is to adjust the rotary cutter knife, knife slit and hang wheel feed, replace the wood.