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The effect of the rotary cutter wear parts

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Rotary cutting machine with multiple parts, mainly feed screw, shaft and shaft sleeve, main ways and the slider, pressure bar, the tool rest coordinates surface, etc. These parts after the more serious wear and tear, can reduce the precision of the equipment, the single board will have influence on the quality, the following details for you after all wear parts wear.

Feed screw or nut wear head will loose, then spin the veneer thickness will be inconsistent, loose card shaft and bushing wear can make the shaft, will cause the rotation is not round, also can cause the thickness of the veneer.

Rotary cutting machine Lord slide make rotary cutting tool wear will change when the rotary cutting cutting Angle, cause sha-lu thin veneer thickness, inner ring, or wavy, pressure bar or tool slide surface wear serious, there will be a horizontal slip, rotary cut wood will pressure bar top back, thus increasing the knife gate aperture, pressure foot of veneer pressure is insufficient, the veneer of rotary cutting out rough.