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Some key points to the attention of the rotary cutting machine

Print  Add time:2015-05-07 17:49:28 Click:1606
It is important to correctly use the rotary cutting machine, which improves the production efficiency, but also improves the machining quality, prolong the service life of the machine, the cost of production is also a great save, the operator should wear uniforms, to various parts of inspection equipment before the start, find and solve the problems in time, don't let the equipment to work sick, and ensure the machine lubrication, according to the actual need to adjust the parameters, the rotary cutting can not adjust the parameters in the process of operation, operation state of operation to observe the machine, if the abnormal situation timely stop check and troubleshooting.
The clamping ends of wood if concentric position, must clamp wood, if no peeling centering will spin out the single plate with intermittent or narrow single plate, resulting in a waste of wood, wood bending or both ends of the reducer to spin out the single board for broken veneer, wood waste. And the rotary cut to the diameter is small cannot again continue cutting, must be established so the installation log concentric. Wood peeling machine after stop only after cutting machine.