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Application of rotary cutting machine in plywood production

Print  Add time:2015-05-07 17:41:53 Click:1804
In plywood production, the rotary cutting machine is irreplaceable equipment, he is mainly of wood veneer and veneer, now a lot of wood-based panels instead of sawing wood, man-made board is easy to use, wide, many of the characteristics that saw the wood can not be compared.
The production process of plywood is complex, the first is to use the rotary cutting machine to obtain wet processing logs, veneer, the single plate drying after repair spliced into the specifications, and then by the glue machine glue after cold pressing, hot pressing, sawing, sanding, this is the plywood production process. In this process, the rotary cutting machine is a very big role, a veneer rotary cutting, several process can be the following.