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American soybean spot price falls generally

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When the first use of grinder knife in the knife table, cutting out about 0.5-1.0MM better, can use the top thread trimmer. By magnetic switch electromagnetic device button, the knife in the knife on the adsorption. Adjust the grinding wheel and the blade angle position, if the blade and wheel between contact, can light the rotating feed handwheel, increase the interval. Connect the power and press the power switch, then the grinding machine to enter the working state; rotating feed handwheel, slow speed of the blade are pushing in, until the contact blade and the grinding wheel, and wheel contact tightness transferred to the appropriate location.
Maintenance method:
Grinding machine of track plate parts often lubrication, to maintain lubrication; every time after the completion of the work to check the machine; if the wheel burst and gap can not continue to use, to replace the new.
Lead sharpener problems for many reasons, but mainly due to operational errors caused by the operation, so to master the correct and effective method is very important. Don't feed when the operation is too large, be sure to turn off the power when the machine left. Stop to do lubrication on the work of the track plate, after each use cleaning equipment in a timely manner, to the timely replacement of grinding wheel rupture etc..