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What are the requirements of the use of rotary cutting machine

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In three, the usual wugeban plate used in the production of rotary cutting equipment, is one of the important equipments, the wood processed into veneer layers of three plates, and then after stitching with adhesive glued together, making full use of wood, improve the properties of wood, the new type of NC rotary cutting equipment, not only improve the quality and accuracy of production of single plate, but also improves the production efficiency and the degree of automation, below is used in the operation should pay attention to.
When the equipment running, can not wipe the lubrication of the machine or equipment, such as the need to stop the equipment in the above operation, moving to the state, before starting to check whether the safety equipment components, to ensure that no security risks. Ensure parts are installed correctly, operating personnel should be familiar with the operation process of the keyboard, the device do not place items useless; after the operation with a wooden shaft to remove residue, must not be at hand to switch; regularly check the feeding station, to avoid a crash occurred, prohibit unauthorized modification of other products processing equipment.